01/28/15 – Dr. Diana Raab on Writing and Transformation; Dr. Jeremy Sherman on being Smarticulate – Speak Better, Think Better

Segment 1 – Author, Poet and Blogger and Psychologist, Dr. Diana Raab, shares about discovering writing as a technique for healing, and she explains how a practice of journaling (personal writing) accesses insight and information not typically available through conscious thought.  Today on The Coaching Show!

Segment 2 – Dr. Raab continues on the theme of writing, finding the right topic for your book, discovering the process for writing a book that fits you, and distinguishes the differences in style and purpose between writing poetry and prose.   Today on The Coaching Show!

Segment 3 – Professor Jeremy Sherman describes levels of language and communication, how words shape thoughts and decisions rather than thoughts and decisions shaping words, and shares about the power and art of communicating complex ideas in simple terms.   Today on The Coaching Show!

Segment 4 – Dr. Sherman distinguishes what it means to be “Smarticulate” and how the work developed.  He shares examples of the ability to communicate even very complex ideas without language, and invites coaches to find out more about his new training program.   Today on The Coaching Show!


Diana Raab, Ph.DDianaRaabHome

Diana Raab, Ph.D.,  is a memoirist, poet, blogger and transpersonal psychologist. Her educational background includes health administration, nursing, creative writing and psychology.  Diana has been writing since an early age. As an only child of two working parents, she spent a lot of time crafting letters and chronicling her life in a journal. As an advocate of the power of writing to transform and empower, Diana facilitates workshops in creative journaling and memoir writing emphasizing writing for healing, transformation and empowerment. She believes in the importance of writing to achieve wholeness and interconnectedness while encouraging the ability to unleash the true voice of the inner self.

She’s an award-winning author of eight books, over 500 articles and poems, and editor of two anthologies, Writers on the Edge: 22 Writers Speak About Addiction and Dependency, and Writers and Their Notebooks.  Raab’s two memoirs are Regina’s Closet: Finding My Grandmother’s Secret Journal and Healing With Words: A Writer’s Cancer Journey. She has 4 poetry collections, the latest is called, LUST.  She is a regular blogger for Psychology Today, Huff50 (Huffington Post), and BrainSpeak.  Website:  http://dianaraab.com


Jeremy Sherman PhD., M.P.P.
Jeremy Sherman
Jeremy Sherman Ph.D., M.P.P. is a business professor currently teaching strategic foresight, an origins of life researcher, a communications and personal coach, and writer. He has written over 750 articles for Psychology Today on everyday decision-making, and has authored five books on applied decision theory.   Currently he is finishing a book for Columbia University Press reporting on his 18 year collaboration with Berkeley professor Terrence Deacon on the origins of life, and with it the origins of decision making.

Sherman has taught college level psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, English, rhetoric, marketing and advertising. His masters is in public policy from Berkeley. His Ph.D. focused on uniting evolutionary and decision theory.

He spent his formative years as a member of the world’s largest hippie commune where he was an elected elder at 24. He has led water projects in Guatemala. He also founded a national environmental lobbying organization that is now 30 years old, and served as public affairs director for the Body Shop International.

Sherman is the father of three, and is a jazz, soul, pop bassist and singer gigging three times a week. He is lucky to have gotten to ride so many of the rides in life’s amusement park and brings to bear in his coaching practice the insights gleaned while riding all of them.






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