05/18/18 Does Writer’s Block Exist?; Unleashing the Power of Pragmatism

Segment 1:
Elaine Bennett has been creating engaging, memorable communications for leading executives for over 25 years. She teaches writing to professionals who want to become leading executives. Because she believes that good writing — like fresh air and clean water — should be available to everyone.

On today’s show Elaine Bennett shares her experiences and her encouragement to learn skills that change you from someone who tells stories into someone whose stories get listened to — someone whose stories get remembered. Someone whose stories drive people to action.

Elaine is offering a free copy of her e-book: “Do It Anyway: Tips for Courageous Communication”. It will be available at

Elaine is also leading a 5-day writing challenge starting June 4th. Write for 15 minutes a day for 5 days in a row and She will donate $15 from your registration fee to a literacy nonprofit. Registration details also at Bennettink.com/TheCoachingShow

Website: www.BennettInk.com

Segment 2:
Malcolm Collins, was originally a neuro-scientist focused on brain-computer interface and the evolution of human cognition, an interest in entrepreneurship drove me to Stanford University, where he got his MBA and co-founded the art commission marketplace ArtCorgi.com with his wife, Simone Collins. Malcolm subsequently became Director of Strategy at South Korea’s most desired source of early stage capital and now runs a number of travel companies with Simone (Travelmax being the primary brand they manage).

By her early twenties, Simone Collins was managing a team of 20,000 freelance writers. Around that time she met her now-husband Malcolm Collins, with whom she created ArtCorgi.com, an art commission marketplace. From there she went to get her graduate degree from Cambridge, did a brief stint in UK VC, then acquired and now operates a chain of travel companies with her husband (the largest being Travelmax).

Malcolm and Simone Collins discuss Pragmatism and a process they advocate differs from other self-help, positive psychology, or self-improvement programs? They offer insights on critical thought, creating life plans, engineering a public persona, and changing the way our autopilot works.

You can purchase “The Pragmatist’s Guide to Life” for Kindle, from Amazon, for $0.99. All profits from the book go directly to The Pragmatist’s Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping people think critically and take ownership of their actions and identities.

They think the process outlined in The Pragmatist’s Guide to Life is best gone through with the help of a critical and trustworthy friend and confidant who can keep you honest. Right now, they will send a free digital copy of the book—just visit pragmatist.guide/bookbuddy to send it to your friend.

Website: Pragmatist.Guide

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