06/01/18 The Rise of the Coachable Leader

Guest: Thomas Crane

Tom is an international consultant, thought leader, facilitator, author, and speaker who specializes in assisting leaders in creating high performance through the development of feedback-rich coaching cultures. He works with all levels of leaders and their teams to embrace coaching as a primary method of communication designed to enhance both individual and team effectiveness at achieving performance objectives. He now travels internationally and works through Strategic Partners in Chile, Canada, Jamaica, Asia, Mexico, Singapore, and Europe.

Tom’s passion (and first book, The Heart of Coaching) focuses on changing a leader’s mindset from “the boss of people” to the mindset of “the coach for people.” The premise of the book is that a performance-based, “feedback-rich” coaching culture will more effectively support an organization’s business strategy, and lead to higher and more sustainable levels of performance.

The Rise of the Coachable Leader builds on the first book and shows that even as more leaders are becoming more coachable, they have an obligation to become fully coachable—if they want to have a true feedback-rich coaching culture develop.

He has worked as a consultant and engagement leader for 30 years in small and large organizations going through strategic change and culture alignment. Prior to founding Crane Consulting in 1995, Tom Crane was vice-president of Senn-Delaney Leadership for seven years with clients engaged in strategic culture change. Additionally, he worked in financial planning and project management roles with Solar Turbines, a division of Caterpillar. He has a BS from Purdue University and an MBA from Drake University.

Tom, who resides in San Diego, CA, consults and speaks in the following areas: building Coaching Cultures to support High Performance, Leadership Development, Coaching Skills Workshops, High-Performance Team building, Group Facilitation and has authored individual 360°, team, and culture assessment instruments.

“The Heart of Coaching”
A Roadmap for Collegial Coaching Conversations

“The Rise of the Coachable Leader”
The Key to True Coaching Cultures


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