08/16/17 – Embracing Reconciliation and Coaching the Military; Increasing Productivity through Rest

Guest Co-Host, Corey Anker is a Life & Leadership Coach, speaker, and Founder of the Uncovery Project – a movement created around the idea that Authenticity equals Power. In addition to his private coaching practice, he supports the training of other coaches, and is currently writing a book about the intersection of coaching and recovery.

Guest 1: For more than 20 years, Allegra Jordan has explored and confronted global “unchangeable realities” and “irreversible conditions” with leaders of major corporations, non-profits, faith-based organizations, and major U.S. government divisions.

She has worked on the front lines of business as both a leadership coach and entrepreneur in ventures ranging from the commercialization of sub-orbital space flight to marketing efforts at USATODAY.com, where the audience grew from 10,000 people a month to 8 million+ visitors (audited) per month. Since Gold Gable Advisors was founded, she has worked in 17 countries and on five continents. Her leadership development, strategy, and innovation training contributions have made a positive impact on the market capitalization and led to improved organizational health for numerous teams.

She currently serves as the Executive Director for the Rick Herrema Foundation board. The RHF team is building a national park system near military bases to support stigma-free, fun, quality activities for the active duty U.S. Military members and their families.

Her honors include Top 40 under 40 in Austin, Texas, and Birmingham, Ala., and by Time magazine and USA TODAY as a Rising Star. She holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School with second-year honors and is a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching program (ACC level credential from the International Coaching Federation). She has also written a best-selling novel about community-building after World War 1, The End of Innocence. Her poetry website, reconciliationpoetry.com is one of the top in the world on that topic as measured by Google.

Allegra Jordan is a coach who has a passion for reconciliation. Her free website on the topic is available at reconciliationpoetry.com


Twitter: @allegrajordan1

Guest 2: Dr. Marilyn Paul is a management consultant and well-being expert who has helped organizations develop a culture of “sustainable productivity” through reducing the substantial costs of work overload – crisis management, failed communication, missed deadlines, poor quality, extensive rework, low morale, stress related illness and burnout.
In her new book, “An Oasis in Time: How a Day of Rest Can Save Your Life” (Rodale, 2017), Dr. Paul shows that a solution for the modern sense of relentless pressure can be found in the ancient tradition of the Sabbath.

Marilyn’s website marilynpaul.com

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