09/06/17 – The Present and Future of Coaching

Guest Host: Jason Dukes is an innovator in personal transformation. As the founder and CEO of Captain’s Chair Coaching (http://captains-chair.com), Jason focuses on bringing peace to the world by helping people embrace their Gift and Give It To the World.
Like many people in this work, Jason’s impact has evolved over time. For Give Your Gift to The World, Jason has spoken at many conferences, wrote articles for Forbes.com and The Business Journals, produced events, and even created the audiobook “Give Your Gift To the World.” Jason’s other focus was breaking barriers and adding responsibility to the African American/race conversations. For that, he produced the “Uncovering Ourselves Conference Series” and was a contributing writer for Black Enterprise. Currently, in addition to being a Leader in Training at Accomplishment Coaching, Jason’s personal coaching practice has evolved to focus on emerging Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Professionals.

Website: www.captains-chair.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeYourCaptain
Twitter: @BeYourCaptain
YouTube: www.youtube.com/BeYourCaptain

Guest: Richard Boyatzis is Distinguished University Professor, professor in Departments of Organizational Behavior, Psychology, and Cognitive Science at Case Western Reserve University, Adjunct Professor at ESADE. Having authored more than 200 articles and 8 books, his books include The Competent Manager, Primal Leadership with Daniel Goleman & Annie McKee, and Resonant Leadership, with McKee. His MOOCs have over 700,000 enrolled from over 215 countries.
He has over 5,500 hours of coaching, has been teaching and training coaches since 1970 and published 22 articles on coaching. Professor Boyatzis acquired his bachelor’s degree in aeronautics and astronautics from MIT before going on to obtain his MS and PhD in social psychology from Harvard University, and a Board Certified Coach.

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