09/12/18 The Best Ways to Attract New Clients + Succeed at the Next Level by Leading and Living at Your Best

Segment 1
Guest: Gene Sower

Gene Sower is the Owner of digital marketing agency Samson Media since 2006. Previously spent 20 years in the public relations world where his emphasis was always on making the client the star of the show by getting them positive exposure on TV, radio, print and online. While Samson Media serves many types of small and medium-sized clients they’ve developed a sub-specialty working for life, career and positive psychology coaches where we help them focus on making coaching a real business and not just a calling or a sideline.

A great checklist on how to blog effectively to attract coaching clients

According to a recent study by The International Coach Federation (ICF), which offers voluntary accreditation to coaching schools and functions as a coaching self-regulatory organization, they found that there are an estimated 53,300 life coach practitioners in the world, with 17,500 in North America. That’s a lot of coaches, nearly one coach for every 18,000 people in the USA.

Most of these people do not want a coach, don’t need a coach or even know what a coach is or does. Bottom line: there’s a lot of competition to acquire coaching clients so if you don’t have a strategy in place to acquire clients you will not succeed.

Segment 2
Guest: Scott Eblin

Scott Eblin is president of The Eblin Group, a leadership development firm committed to helping clients lead at their best and live at their best. As a leadership expert, global speaker, and executive coach, Scott works with some of the best-known companies and organizations in the world. He is also the author of two best-selling books including The Next Level: What Insiders Know About Executive Success.

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