11/01/17 Work-Life Balance with a Helping of Sick Kids; Berwyn Rules for Authentic Leadership

Guest 1: James Sudakow is an author and owner of CH Consulting, Inc., a boutique management and organizational effectiveness consulting practice. He specializes in helping companies manage organizational transformation, create talent management strategies and programs that maximize employee capabilities and improve business performance.

Sudakow is also the author of the book “Picking the Low-Hanging Fruit… and Other Stupid Stuff We Say in the Corporate World” (Purple Squirrel Media, 2016), a humorous illustrated corporate glossary that sheds an irreverent light on weird business buzzwords.

Website http://jamessudakow.com/

Guest 2: Mike Shereck, is the author of “Berwyn Rules: Leadership Secrets from the Street” and head of The Mike Shereck Group.
Mike’s own journey is not one he would actually recommend for anyone else, but it was perfect for him. His experiences include over 30 years of business management and business development practice. His roles include positions from Regional Manager to President and has achieved success in three distinct industries.

Berwyn Rules

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