11/19/14 – Dr. Fab Mancini on The Power of Self-Healing & What Universe Are You Creating?- Zen and the Art of Recording and Listening – Cheri Huber

Segment 1 – The Power of Self Healing! Dr. Fab Mancini joins us to talk about his three-fold approach to healing – Physical, Spiritual and Emotional.   It’s good stuff!   Today on The Coaching Show!

Segment 2 – What are the most important things you can do TODAY for your Well Being…Join Dr. Fab Mancini to immediately improve your life!   Today on The Coaching Show!

Segment 3 There is Nothing Wrong With You…and other insights from Zen Master and author Cheri Huber – today on The Coaching Show!

Segment 4 Zen and the Art of Recording and Listening – What Universe are YOU Creating, and more from author and Zen Master Cheri Huber – today on The Coaching Show!  




Dr. Fab ManciniDr Fabrizio Mancini

Dr. Fab Mancini is FOX News’s Healthy Living Expert, Hay House’s best selling author of The Power of Self-Healing and host of his popular radio show, Self-Healing with Dr. Fab.  He is also the best selling author of Chicken Soup for the Chiropractic Soul, an internationally acclaimed educator, business leader, speaker, and President Emeritus of Parker University.
He has been featured on Dr. Phil, The Doctors, Fox News, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC and others. He has been interviewed in various documentaries and has received honors like Heroes for Humanity, Humanitarian of the Year, CEO of the Year, and induction into the Wellness Revolutionaries Hall of Fame.  Most recently, the President of Mexico even named the library at UNEVE, Mexico’s new leading university, after him.   Dr. Mancini is also a graduate of the prestigious Institute for Educational Management in the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University.


Cheri Huber[CHERI+HEAD+SHOT+1.jpg]

Cheri Huber has been a student and teacher of Zen for over 30 years. She is the author of 20 books including That Which You Are Seeking Is Causing You to Seek, The Depression Book, and The Fear Bookand What You Practice Is What You Have, a sequel to her widely read There Is Nothing Wrong With You.  Her most recent title is What Universe Are You Creating?: Zen and the Art of Recording and Listening – a collaboration with Ashwini Narayanan.  In 1983, Cheri founded the Mountain View Zen Center, and in 1987 she founded the Zen Monastery Peace Center in Calaveras County. She, Ashwini, and the monks at the Monastery conduct workshops and retreats at these centers, other places around the U.S., and internationally.
In 1997, Cheri founded Living Compassion, a nonprofit organization dedicated to peace and service. Living Compassion’s primary work is the Africa Vulnerable Children Project, based in Zambia, where for the last 12 years they have been working with the people of Kantolomba, beginning the process of turning a slum of 11,000 people into a self-sustaining community. 
Cheri also has a weekly, Internet based call-in radio show, Open Air, which everyone is invited to listen to and participate in.
Cheri is passionate about Recording and Listening, a tool she developed that is the very best tool for waking up and ending suffering. As she writes, “Finally we got to hear what we had always wanted to hear in exactly the words we wanted to hear it in. All our lives we were seeking the ‘someone else’ who would say those things. Suddenly, we were hearing the message and realized we were hearing it from the only person we would ever believe — ourselves.”


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