6/7/17 – Guests: Caitlin Naramore & Tiffany David; Guest Co-Host Alice Petzold

Guest co-hosts:
Clarice Connolly
Alice Petzold

Guest 1: Caitlin Naramore is a Universal Health Principles Practitioner and is currently running her first online program, Butterfly, to assist creative entrepreneurs to get in their bodies and fully birth their dreams and visions. Caitlin has had training in multiple healing and embodiment modalities including Reiki, Flower Essences, Franklin Method, Intuitive Counseling and Yandara Yoga and her clientele has included some of the top level scientists, business moguls, artists, spiritual leaders, musicians and authors in the world. Caitlin is also well known for her luscious Naramore Chocolates and private chef work and on the side she is a painter, a poet, craftswoman, writer, singer/songwriter and armchair DJ! coherence and integrity to our lives via the vehicle of our bodies?

Giveaway: $100 off monthly Butterfly program fees ($497/$397 w discount) Free Bam!! UHP Sessions. And.. Free access to upcoming Better Human: a 27 day video guide to Creating Peace in a Turbulent World.


Deliver Your Vision program: http://www.caitlinnaramore.com/new-page-1/

Guest 2: Experienced entrepreneur, speaker and culture enthusiast, Tiffany David brings decades of practical HR to organizations that want to do more than survive the legal landscape. She has been recognized for her innovative work developing fresh and relevant performance management programs, coaching leaders at all levels, as well as receiving recognition for her engagement initiatives and Internal Onboarding plans.

In San Diego, Tiffany started and currently leads the global DisruptHR* movement and event series. As Founder and Principal of Total People Management, Tiffany consults with owners and leaders to truly understand the challenges before the business.


Upcoming Events DisruptHRSD 3.0 June 14th, San Diego Unite July 21st, and coming June 26th Talent on the Fringe another article for HUFFPO
Articles HuffPo Great Work Cultures http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/no-one-wants-to-be-in-hr-today_us_59238c06e4b0b28a33f62efc

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