7/12/17 – Authenticity & Power Roundtable

Today’s guest host is Corey Anker, founder of the Uncovery Project – a movement created around the idea that Authenticity = Power.

Corey Anker

Corey Anker is a Life & Leadership Coach, speaker, and Founder of the Uncovery Project – a movement created around the idea that Authenticity equals Power. In addition to his private coaching practice, he supports the training of other coaches, and is currently writing a book about the intersection of coaching and recovery.

Troy Hall

Troy Hall has been a working actor for the last 18 years and is also an award winning writer, director & producer. His latest film that he wrote, produced and starred in, The Dissection of Thanksgiving, was released this past November and is available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, as well as cable OnDemand. At the moment, he is working on a script that SONY is producing this Fall and is also getting ready to go into production next February with the film “Stuck”, based on the play written by his wife, Deshja Driggs-Hall.

Heather Keenly

Heather Lynn Keenly is a transformational leadership coach, intuitive strategist and business development trainer. She’s on a mission to help passionate entrepreneurs, creatives, and service based businesses looking to create an impact in the world, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Heather brings over 20 years of success in hospitality, customer service, marketing, and start-ups. She believes that with the right combination of clarity, vision, self awareness, leadership development and high-level strategy, ANY person or business can be wildly successful and experience the joy and adventures of business.

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