7/25/18 Global Peace Initiative & Changemaker Ripple Effect

Segment 1 (8:00am-8:30am)
Guest: Dena Merriam

Dena Merriam is a managing partner at Finn Partners and a partner and vice-chairman of Ruder Finn, Inc. Her areas of responsibility include Ruder Finn’s work in cultural marketing, creative services, corporate responsibility and in work for religious and non-profit organizations. In the area of creative services, she oversees the publishing, editorial, design, visual technology and new media divisions of Ruder Finn. As well, Dena manages their Arts and Communications Counselors Division, which develops cultural programs for corporations and governments and provides strategic counsel to museums, foundations and other cultural institutions.

In support of the objectives and goals of the United Nations, Dena serves with the Interfaith Center of New York City in the creation of the Millennium Peace Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders. Their objective is to engage religious leaders from around the world to work as a resource to the UN in its efforts to resolve conflict throughout the world. She also provides counsel to the State of the World Forum in its attempt to gather world thought leaders to address international problems.

A true polymath and tireless multi-tasker, Dena also serves on a Coexistence Initiative to develop a greater awareness of the need for coexistence training as an essential component of the education system. Her work with a New York-based organization called the Community Literacy Program involves organizing the largest anti-violence program in the U.S. And she has a background in the cultural world, where she has written extensively about the arts for over 15 years. For the Shumei Cultural Foundation in Japan, she is implementing a global communications program to foster greater appreciation for the arts and to engage dialogue between the spiritual and cultural worlds. For many years, she served as executive editor of Sculpture Review and has authored five books on art, including one on the contemporary Dutch sculptor Lika Mutal and one on the Italian sculptor Bruno Lucchesi.

Dena received her MA from Columbia University and has served on the boards of Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions, the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy, the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association, and the Manitou Foundation. Although she considers herself a resident of the world, New York is her base of operations.

Segment 2 (8:30am – 9:00am)
Guest: Sarah Boxx

Sarah Boxx is best known as a strategic vision coach, consultant, change agent and best-selling author (The Changemaker Ripple Effect, 2016). She pulls from more than 30 years of professional experience working in and assisting nonprofit organizations, as well as the corporate sectors. Sarah has further influenced and fully embraced the world of non-profit organizations by serving as an Executive Director, volunteering, board coaching and leading teams; receiving the National Governor’s Association Award for distinguished service to government. Through consulting services as a partner at Social Entrepreneurs, Inc., Sarah continued to follow the path to assist human service organizations and their leaders and has now accumulated works of more than 140 projects for County Commissions, state agencies, charter schools, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and local, regional and state collaborative networks. Over time, the need and desire to help organizational leaders and teams on a more personal level became clear, so Sarah decided to launch a new venture, Sarah Boxx, LLC.

One of her many passions is helping high-achieving women (and men) in transition to gain clarity about what matters most to them and charting a clear path forward. From dreaming to attaining their next level of success, Sarah is there as a steadfast guide offering group workshops, individual coaching and consulting. Today, Sarah helps people to find more satisfaction in their work and team relationships, more easily identify and overcome obstacles, decide what strengths they need to learn and develop (or weaknesses they need to mitigate), in order to reach their goals. That recognition spurred her change from Owner/Partner with Social Entrepreneurs, Inc. to serving as a Strategic Partner Emeritus.

Sarah’s formal education culminated in her earning a Masters of Art in Pastoral Counseling from St. John’s University. However, she is the first to tell you that her education and learning are lifelong pursuits that have brought her many great surprises and benefits.

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