About The Show

The Coaching Show is a weekly podcast, recorded in San Diego at WsRadio Studios, hosted by Master Certified Coach Christopher D. McAuliffe. Whether you’re a veteran of the coaching industry with your own practice, new to professional coaching or are just considering entering the field, TCS is the perfect show to educate and entertain you. Christopher’s guests over the last 10 seasons have ranged from fledgling private practice life coaches to board members at ICF International, and have covered every corner of the business.

Each week, a new guest will walk Christopher down the path to their niche in the fascinating world of coaching with new tips, new stories and all new resources for coaches at every level.

Stay with us and send us your comments, submit a guest, or just download the show for free. That, and all of the above is what makes The Coaching Show the only show bringing you the greatest minds in professional coaching.

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CDM in studio