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07/19/17 – Pitching Organizational Clients; Women Evolution Supports Women Executives

Guest Co-Host: Laura Fink is a Professional Certified Coach, and a Program Leader for Accomplishment Coaching Training Program. In her coaching practice, she coaches busy professionals who are looking for accelerated growth in their personal lives by re-prioritizing what’s most important. Her clients have one thing in common: they are […]

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  Segment 1 Guests: Magda Mook & Vikki Brock Websites: Magda Mook – www.coachfederation.org ; Vikki Brock – http://www.vikkibrock.com Title: The International Coach Federation’s CEO and Executive Director, Magda Mook, shares about the ICF’s 20th anniversary and more! Also, Meet Vikki Brock, MCC – the ICF’s 60th member! Magda   […]

01/28/15 – Dr. Diana Raab on Writing and Transformation; Dr. Jeremy Sherman on being Smarticulate – Speak Better, Think Better

Segment 1 – Author, Poet and Blogger and Psychologist, Dr. Diana Raab, shares about discovering writing as a technique for healing, and she explains how a practice of journaling (personal writing) accesses insight and information not typically available through conscious thought.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Dr. Raab continues on […]

12/3/14 – Angie Hallier, Author & Family Law Attorney on Deciding to Divorce; Jim Britt on Six Traits Every Coach and Entrepreneur Needs

Segment 1 – Divorce and the Holidays.  The author of “The Wiser Divorce” and family law attorney Angie Hallier shares tools, views and more on divorce.   Today on the Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Deciding to Divorce – Family law attorney and author of “The Wiser Divorce” shares how to consider and plan […]

9/24/14 – Ethics in Coaching, plus Ethics and YOU, with Kees de Vries, Sue McMahon, and Susan Braverman

Segment 1 – Ethics and Coaching – The Chair of the Internal Review Board of the International Coach Federation, Kees de Vries joins us to discuss Ethics, and a Paradigm Shift in our industry.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Ethics and Coaching – The Chair and Vice Chair of […]

08/27/14 – The Power of Self Coaching with Dr. Joe Luciani; Marketing Tools for YOU from the Abby Heverin Tripp with the ICF

Segment 1 – Self Coaching!?!?!  A surprisingly Powerful Program to deal with Anxiety and Depression, with a provocative title.  Dr. Joe Luciani joins us to defend himself, today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – The Power of Self Coaching – The number ONE thing that anyone can do to improve their […]

08/20/14 Teenagers Aren’t Crazy! Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of The Teenage Brain – Dr. Dan Siegel; The Value of an ICF Coaching Credential – George Rogers

Segment 1 – Teenagers are NOT insane!  The author of “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain,” Dr. Dan Siegel joins us today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Working with your clients in a completely different way!  Dr. Dan Siegel, author of “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of The Teenage […]

06/18/14 – Mark Ruth – 2014 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study; Shae Hadden – The Blue Pearl

Segment 1 – Mark Ruth – Mark Ruth, Director of Research and Education for the International Coach Federation joins us to discuss the latest research in coaching industry! Segment 2 – Mark Ruth – Who is buying coaching? Who should I be marketing to?  Find out the latest research findings from the […]

5/21/14 – Damian Goldvarg Ph.D, MCC & Global President of The International Coach Federation

Segment 1 – Damian Goldvarg – The Extraordinary World of the International Coach Federation with President, Damian Goldvarg.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Damian Goldvarg – The Future of Coaching & more with Damian Goldvarg.  Today on The Coaching Show!   Damian Goldvarg Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D., MCC, has 20 […]

3/12/14 – Laura Berman Fortgang – Pioneer Coach & Author; & Nicole Zafian, International Coach Federation Learning Manager

Segment 1 – Laura Berman Fortgang – Now What?  90 Days to a New Life Direction & The Prosperity Plan with Author Laura Berman Fortgang.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Laura Berman Fortgang – Setting Boundaries & Conversation Among Masters with Laura Berman Fortgang.  Today on The Coaching Show! […]

2/19/14 – South African ICF Chapter President, Sharon Jansen & Executive Coach, Axel Ritterhaus on Coaching in South Africa

Segment 1 – Sharon Jansen – ICF Gauteng Chapter President shares about Coaching in South Africa.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Sharon Jansen – What’s happening in the Field of Coaching in South Africa?  Find out from Sharon Jansen.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 3 -Axel Ritterhaus – Coaching […]

01/29/14 – Training You on Giving a Ted Talk – Stephanie Weaver; Insights and Information about TedX for You – Charles A. Gillespie

Segment 1 – Stephanie Weaver – Training You on Giving  a Ted Talk!    What Coaches Need to Know with Stephanie Weaver today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Stephanie Weaver – Coaching YOU on giving a Ted Talk!  Giveaways and more with Stephanie Weaver.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 3 […]

1/22/14 – Peter J. Reding, MCC on Coaching in India & Coach For Life

Segment 1 – Peter J. Reding – The Opportunity of Coach For Life with Peter J. Reding.  Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Peter J. Reding – Coaching in India, and the Corporate Culture in India.  Today on The Coaching Show with Peter J. Reding!   Peter J. Reding I am a […]

1/08/14 – Eileen McDargh, Author & CEO of the Resilency Group; & ICF Raleigh, North Carolina President, Sackeena Jones

Segment 1 – Eileen McDargh – What is Resiliency?  Why is it an Essential Daily Life Skill?  Find out that and More with Eileen McDargh, Today on The Coaching Show! Segment 2 – Eileen McDargh – Eileen McDargh shares about The Well Being of Organizations and Working Effectively with Teams, and more.  Today on […]