09/19/18 TEDx Talk and Mental Health Advocacy

Segment 1
Guest: Marie Incontrera

Marie Incontrera is a speaker; social media, publicity, and TEDx speaker consultant; best-selling author; and fitness enthusiast. Her consulting services include: social media and online branding services for individuals and small businesses; media bookings (podcasts, internet radio, traditional radio, and more); TEDx talk development and speaker booking outreach; blogging and ghostwriting (on platforms such as Thrive, Quora, Medium, LinkedIn Pulse, and more); and book launch services.

Marie’s social media clients have included national best-selling business authors, medical professionals, wellness experts, a popular science-based gaming app, and more. Her speaker clients have booked TEDx conferences across the country. (She has a 100% success rate getting my clients placed!) Her media clients have been booked on popular podcasts and radio stations such as The World’s Most Amazing People, Entrepreneur On Fire, and more.

Marie is the author of the Amazon best-seller, Social Your Book Launch, and the upcoming Spread Your Idea. She has spoken at two TEDx events.

Her newest book is:

Spread Your Idea: bringing your TED-style idea from the blank page to the stage

Find out more about her on www.Incontrera.com

Segement 2
Guest: Parham Parastaran

Parham Parastaran is an Iranian-American entrepreneur and author with a passion for discussing mental health issues in the business community. Over 15 years after that first psychoanalysis session, he chronicles his powerful story in new memoir, Perfect Pain. Beyond his passion for advocacy and entrepreneurship, Parham is heavily involved in his community through philanthropic efforts. He graduated from the University of Illinois, and later attained an MBA through the university, where he often returns to give talks to current business students. Parham is married to his wife, Jennifer, and they have three daughters. They live in Champaign, Illinois.

For more information, please visit www.perfectpain.com.

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